Stavros Panagiotakis, artist and our partner in Greece, has taken advantage of CAT’s draft to realize a truly total work of art. In a Roma village bearbeiten Thessaloniki , where about 300 people live under precarious circumstances, he asked children the following two questions: “What is happiness?” and “What is work?”. The children’s answers have […]

Hanna van Mourik Broekman, our partner and theater director in Groningen describes her approach as ‘total theater’. Striving for empathy, her device is that every story is worthy a myth. In this respect, fragments of real life are also integrated in the play that she has developed during the last months in the context of […]

Our Paris based partner Agostinho Pereira has focused on yet another aspect of work. “Citizens vs Work: Identité” once more reveals the overall impact work has on our lives. We all know the opening question to many conversations, “so, what do you do?”. Maybe this question is asked to learn about ones “status”. But probably […]

With “Citizens vs Work: in 10 questions” Istanbul based artist Gamze Buyukkusoglu stresses another aspect of the project by making it a “conversation piece”. Picking up from the street interview section of the Cologne phase of the project, she explores alternative ways of finding out about the personal meanings people attach to work and their […]

“Citizens vs. Work – Generation-2-Generation” Performed and Created by Chris Bell and Colin Lalonde Produced by Studio Porte Bleue, Montréal Happy to announce the first project of 2014’s “Citizens vs. Work” Tour. In August the project made its first station in Montréal where “Citizens vs. Work – Generation-2-Generation” was realized as a performance at Studio […]

“Citizens vs. Work” continues in Istanbul, Paris, Groningen and Montreal through new European and American partners. On July 20 in Cologne all partners come together for a day of getting to know each other and the individual projects partners are developing. Aims for the meeting are: . getting a close idea of what “Citizen vs. […]

Information coming soon: Cases created: + Work is life consuming. Hour after hour, week after week, Im spending most of my waking life at work rather than living life. + From my mom’s perspective: work used to be a place where I could be myself, but now the people who work with me have bullied […]